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Mar. 21, 2019

OUR SERVICES: Cathodic Protection Installations and Specialty Drilling

The Loftis Company is the most experienced Cathodic Protection Installation company in the United States. We provide Full Service Cathodic Protection Installation and Specialty Drilling in 13 states. Call (432) 682-8343 to put the benefits of our experience to work for you.

OUR VALUES: Our Services protect the lives of People and prolong the lives of Infrastructure Investments.

SAFETY: We never forget that people's lives depend on our services and in the safe work procedures of every member of our team.

QUALITY: We never forget that customers choose us for the dependable quality of our services and they deserve quality results from every member of our team.

PERFORMANCE: We never forget that customers rely on us to deliver our services quickly and efficiently to help them meet their schedules.

PROFESSIONALISM: We never forget that customers expect us to perform our work in an organized, orderly and professional manner with courtesy and respect for others and attention to detail.

ATTITUDE: We never forget that there is joy in work and pride in being an effective part of a professional, high performance team that safely delivers top quality services of real value to our customers and the public.

OUR HISTORY: Four Generations of Experience to Serve You

Walt Loftis began working in the original East Texas Oil Fields near Kilgore,Texas in the 1930's. In those early days,drilling rig supplies where delivered by mule train and as Walt was fond of saying, the rigs were made of wood and the men were made of steel. In the 1950's, Walt was a 'Tool Pusher' over several oil rigs in the West Texas Permian Basin Oil Fields. As Tool Pusher, Walt was the drilling company representative responsible for getting the holes drilled safely, efficiently and on budget.

Walt's experience, talent and integrity became the foundation for The Loftis Company. In 1953, Walt's son, Walton O'Neil (Neil) Loftis, founded Mid-Tex Drilling Company in Midland, Texas with the purchase of his first portable drilling rig. After a few years of mostly water well work, Neil shifted the company's focus to the drilling and implementation of Cathodic Protection Services 'deep-well' anode ground beds. A well-educated man with a law degree from the University of Texas in Austin, Neil was appointed by the governor to the State of Texas Water Well Drillers Board where he was responsible for aiding the Texas Water Commission in the enforcement of drilling rules statewide.

In 1963, Mid-Tex Drilling Company was renamed The Loftis Company. Under Neil's leadership, The Loftis Company expanded to serve Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. In 1973, Neil's son, Mike Loftis joined The Loftis Company and quickly proved himself the equal to his grandfather Walt in managing field production safely, efficiently and under budget. In 1989, Mike's sister, Margaret Loftis joined The Loftis Company. Over the next few years, Neil turned the company over to Mike and Margaret. Mike has continued to drive the expansion of the company's field production capabilities while Margaret has managed overall business operations.

In 2006, Mike's son, Michael Loftis became the fourth generation to join The Loftis Company and today they share full responsibility for all Cathodic Protection Installation Services across 13 states while Margaret continues to run the overall business.


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