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Mar. 21, 2019

With over 50,000 Cathodic Protection installations, The Loftis Company helps companies protect their structural investments and provide a safer environment for employees and the general public.

The Loftis Company can meet your needs for high quality, long-life Cathodic Protection Systems. We specialize in oil, gas or injection well casings; gathering, transmission and distribution pipeline systems; product refinery and power plants; and above or below ground product storage tanks.

Cathodic Protection Systems require accurate engineering, quality products and materials, and effective installation. The Loftis Company can provide or work with certified Cathodic Protection Engineers and we can provide top quality and field tested Cathodic Protection Products and Materials. Plus, with more construction and installation experience than any other company, we are the most effective system installer in the United States.

Experience and investment in safe practices, equipment and technology has fine-tuned our ability to deliver so that even new customers can expect top quality results delivered safely, professionally and on time.

Our commitment to quality service is based on decades long working relationships with industries and customers. We own and operate our equipment, so you never get finger-pointing instead of problem solving.

Our Specialty Drilling Services can solve your most challenging construction problems. Hard-rock or unstable formations; no one has more experience!


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